Peyton’s Nursery

It is super overwhelming to prepare for a newborn, especially when it’s your first! The fun part of this prep is decorating the nursery, but that can have its downsides, too…where you do put all of these miniature items?! And all of the contraptions that seem way too large for someone who will be so small?!

I was so excited to meet my little girl and create a space for her to call her own one day. I was also so dang nervous! I was going to be a mom! And in charge of taking care of a little human! My goal for Peyton’s nursery was to create a space that would be able to grow and change as she did…I didn’t want to fill it with temporary pieces (for the most part – I’m not about to put a newborn in a full size bed!) or things that only have a purpose while she’s a little poo nugget. Life is dynamic, so design should be too!

It was ESSENTIAL for this space to be just as functional as it was fashionable to help put my new-mom anxiety as ease. I kept future-Peyton in mind the whole time, thinking about how things could be adjusted as she grew.

We are in a medium-sized home with medium-sized rooms; I don’t have all the space in the world (duh!), so I have to make sure I make the most of it. One of the first things I did was purchase a closet organization kit from the hardware store. My super project-patient husband installed it and voila, we had a place to hang things and store baskets! Next came the dresser…I went back and forth between a wide dresser (that we could use as a changing table) and chest of drawers for what felt like forever…ultimately I landed on the tall chest of drawers. It all came back to my original goal. Creating a place that would grow as she did. Since it’s a smaller room, the option that took up the least amount of floor space won out. I did buy a gender-neutral, small scale changing table for the time being. I plan to swap this out for a small shelf with baskets or toy box in the future!

It’s probably odd that I started with the closet and dresser when in reality, they’re not necessities. This might be the organizational freak that I am coming out. After the baby shower, it’s nice to have somewhere to put all of your gifts! A crib, however, is a necessity! The crib style fell in the same dilemma I have with the rest of my home…should it be modern? Should it be rustic? I opted for a simple white modern crib so it can be used differently in our next nursery. (Sorry future kid, your big sister has left teeth marks all over it already!) 

I’ve shared a few more pictures of Peyton’s nursery with all of the sources below! Hope you’ve enjoyed this mini tour and I’d love to hear how you designed and organized your newborn’s nursery!

Wallpaper | I fell in love with this wallpaper the first time I saw it! I can just picture Peyton growing up pretending she’s a little fairy living in a treehouse and want to encourage her imagination any way I can!

Crib | A clean and simple crib that I can style in numerous ways!

Dresser | So, the dresser I bought for Peyton is actually part of the Addison collection at Arhaus. Arhaus has made updates to it (adding drawer glides and changing the finishes ever so slightly) so, I linked their new and improved version!

Curtains | These curtains are a STEAL! I cannot believe how nice these look and feel given how little they cost.

Rug | A machine washable rug?! Need I say more?!

Baskets | To soften the blow of a basket tumbling over, I went with soft woven baskets from Target!

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