My Design Process

The other day I came home to find my husband had rearranged our entire living room! Luckily, he had a rough design plan to go off of..

Finding Inspiration

It all started when Audrie and I were going through our agenda and, in true Tweed and Co fashion, began a series of “what if” design propositions for our own homes. I was filling Audrie in on a couple project plans Josh and I have for the (hopefully) near future, and Audrie goes “what if you move your sectional over here?” Now, we’ve considered moving it in this location in the past, but always had a long list of reasons not to. As I’m staring at my living room and back at Audrie…and back at my living room…I’m realizing the list has dwindled down to practically nothing. So Audrie left and I had drafted the space ten minutes later!

Drafting It

If your design includes furniture you already own, it’s pretty easy to put it into action. Just move some things around! I typically still draft it out to avoid unnecessary physical activity. Ha! I’ve used ArcSite for a few years now after a designer recommended it at my previous job. I love it! It’s super user-friendly; the only downside is that there is a monthly fee after the trial is up. For me, it’s worth it! There are a ton of other drafting apps out that don’t charge. You’ll just need to figure out which one works best for you.
And there’s always the old-school way of hand drafting!

BEFORE | Living Room- See photo above!

Planning for the Change

Rearranging our furniture allowed us to create a more open flow between our living room and kitchen. It also allowed us to add additional seating and more toy storage (because that’s exactly what you want in your living room, right?!). There were a few considerations we had to take into account before committing to this plan…we wouldn’t have room for our sofa table anymore, we would need a larger size rug, and we’d need to change some wall decor. Fortunately, our current rug was the right size and color to use in our loft, so it just got relocated. The console and wall decor will be stored in our guest room until we find a new home for it…

AFTER | Living Room

Executing The Plan

My husband had already moved the furniture around, so at this point, we were taking it all in to make sure we were ready to commit to the change and fill in the “blanks.” We moved the TV to a different wall and now have the opportunity to create a new accent/focal wall. I created a (very) rough elevation view of where our TV once was to help figure out what scale artwork and how many new pieces are needed.

I have to say, I’m loving our new layout so far! I’ve painted our accent wall and have some new art picked out that I will be ordering soon! Once I get all in these details in place, I’ll be sure to share the results! In the meantime, head over to our Instagram stories to see our living room in its current state!

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