One Room Challenge Week 4

So, here’s the deal. I’m going to be honest. Nothing about this reno has been easy. Exciting. Yes. Rewarding. Definitely. Easy. No. What has helped is highlighting this project to the #ORC! The support, camaraderie -and forced time line! 🙂 has been amazing!

The One Room Challenge

PSA. Want to learn more about the One Room Challenge and the partnership with Better Homes & Gardens? Check here and here!

About Tweed & Co.

If you are new to Tweed & Co., let me introduce you! Stephanie and I met a few years back and quickly became friends. With a shared love of all things design we started to build Tweed&Co, a design infused blog where we chronicle projects that we’re working on both in our own homes and for others. The Tweed&Co blog offers that perfect balance between modern farmhouse (have you seen Stephanie’s home yet??!!!?) and classic (yep, that’s more me…been loving Ralph Lauren since I was 16!). I think that’s what makes it so exciting; each of us offering a different point of view all the while creating a look that feels familiar with a modern edge.

The ORC Kitchen Reno

Living in your house during a major kitchen reno is not something that I would recommend. And, honestly, looking back we should have packed up the kids, and the dog and all the cats and moved into an extended stay hotel! This was an option when this whole thing started and we should have jumped at it! But, in my true “I can handle anything” character I said “oh no, we’ll be fine!” Yeah, no. Not fine. We’ve been 8 weeks without a kitchen-literal nothing in the kitchen- and we are ready for it to end! You would think eating out would be fun, but every day? UGH. No. If you want to hear more about what caused this chaos check out or Instagram post here and the ORC week one post here. Thankfully, we can see the end in sight!

Progress…slow and steady

So, what’s been going on since last week? Well, we have cabinets AND countertops! We used our penini maker last night and thought we were living the good life! (still no oven yet but making progress!) A bit about this countertop…it’s perfect. From the beginning I wanted to be sure that every design detail that we selected brought out the navy in the cabinets and not the grey. This quartz does just that!

Quartz counter top with a navy vain
Love the quartz. Disregard the faucet.
(New are on their way!)

Lighting and hardware arrived today too!

Lighting Arrived!
Flush mount for main kitchen area.
Classic lantern style for above the dining table.
I am loving the chrome finishes with the navy!

So, these next 2 weeks are going to be hectic but we can’t wait for the big reveal on November 7th!

Stay tuned!


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