My Lighting Choices

Lighting is one of my absolute favorite design elements! I love the statement it can make in a space and the ambience it creates. That being said, I realize not EVERY light fixture needs to make a statement. Sometimes less really is more. And I’ve totally struggled with this balance! So, I’m trying to be [...]

Peyton’s Nursery

Peyton’s Nursery

It is super overwhelming to prepare for a newborn, especially when it’s your first! The fun part of this prep is decorating the nursery, but that can have its downsides, too...where you do put all of these miniature items?! And all of the contraptions that seem way too large for someone who will be so [...]


Welcome to Tweed & Co! Our goal is to create a space where we can share the beautiful spaces we have designed, the process we go through, and where we pull inspiration from!  Audrie and I found that we have a similar passion for interior design while working in a high-end furniture showroom...can you guess [...]